USB install can’t mount CD rom

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Like I said earlier, I’m looking for an OS and  this involves many tests and digging, so I came to a step that seems hard to find a solution.
Eventually I spotted it and I resolved it, and therefore I’ll write below to others who may face the same problem, the solution found me.
The problem arose when installing Debian (netinstall) using a USB stick. I do not know if it is relevant in this case version that was somewhat common problem caused by the software used to create the USB Boot Disk.
Installation starts by declaring the location and the type of keyboard used and then move to find CD-ROM, something which normally should go but in this case did not want.
The installer started to detect errors related to CD-ROM and the default driver for it. It is possible that this was showed because I have a hard disk instead of CD-ROM installed on laptop but I repeated to a server, that had an optical drive, and the error was repeated.
In both cases it seems that the blame was the software used to create the image on USB, UNetbootin which would create a similar problem.
The solution came by manually checking the devices in / dev, then mount the device’s manual in place / cdrom.
This foreclose on a shell in the install window, the shell is rudimentary but provide basic commands.

ls /dev

mount /dev/sdb /cdrom

In my laptop /dev/sdb was the USB stick but in my server the stick was /dev/sda because the server has a configuration with RAID …
Maybe it will help you in times of fierce searches …

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