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I do not know how many of you are interested in page content when browsing the internet. You, the adults may not have any concern, but with little ones … concerns arise.
Someone said that a child should operate a computer around the age of 15 years. Someone else said that a child should not get interdiction only limitation. Prohibition attract curiosity but putting limits you can do it directly or indirectly. What if you could put some limits without those around you knowing that? What if you had the opportunity to somehow filter content page?
Of course there are many tools but today I stopped at one: Scrub Public DNS.
What it does?
Filters, blocks, displays only what should be seen. Block pornography lot many phishing sites and many other sites that could harm visitors or PC.
It is a highly recommended tool especially if you have children who tend to surf unsupervised probably.

DNS entries can be entered into the computer or  WiFi router configuration in your house.
Both DNS IPs are and

So those DNS IP’s and should be used by all the computers on your network) or if you aren’t using a router on your individual Ubuntu system, you can update your DNS like this:

sudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf
Write down your existing ISP nameserver IP addresses in case you want to change it back later on. And then modify those ISP nameserver entries as to the pubic DNS ScrubIt entries:

Click on Save, and reboot your system.

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